We have an in-house WhatsApp notification module to complement SMS text messages. To begin launch WhatsApp Web in your favorite internet browser and scan the QR code on the computer with the WhatsApp mobile app from your phone. WhatsApp Web automatically launches in the browser and remains active until you log out on your computer or phone.
Click add router the below form should open.
Click Save you should see your router saved under routers;
Click on Mikrotik Config a file will be downloaded.
Open winbox.
Drag and drop this file under Files.
Still, on winbox Open Terminal -  it is assumed that you already have MikroTik setup and it has internet access.
 - type in;
import file=setup_********.txt
Each Script is unique to each MikroTik router board the only exception is if you are replacing a router;
The script will configure and add the following:
  • Bridge Interface known as bridge1 interface, will be skipped if it already exists.
  • PPP profile with default IP addresses - you can adjust this to your liking, default ones should work okay.
  • VPN profile - you do not need to adjust this.
  • VPN certificates - OpenVPN will not work if certificates are not set properly.
  • RADIUS - For PPP only.